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  1. Office for Mac documents are opened in read only · Issue #70 · cryptomator/cryptomator · GitHub
  2. How can I turn off Read Only in Excel 2011?
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  4. Solutions to open Excel Read Only Documents

I have office I have an issue with excel sheet, whenever I make new excel sheet and save it.

Office for Mac documents are opened in read only · Issue #70 · cryptomator/cryptomator · GitHub

I cant write in this sheet next day, it becomes read-only file. Is their anybody who can tell me, How to remove that read-oly tag from my excel sheet file. MacBook Pro, iOS 5. Posted on Apr 5, 8: Jun 25, 9: Jun 11, 4: I've had this problem and found that saving the file in Excel Workbook xls format cured it.

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Removing the date also worked, but that wasn't a good solution for me. Jun 27, 3: Thanks William Mcavinney and hellosamuel for replying. I got the solution already.

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When I save the file, I save as a xls format. Before it was xlsx format.

How can I turn off Read Only in Excel 2011?

So by saving as xls format, I can edit the file whenever i want. Sep 11, 9: Page content loaded. Apr 5, Do a Get Info on the Folder that these are in, at the bottom do you have Read Only privileges for that folder? It's not showing any read-only option in folder properties. I had tried to unlock the excel sheet but i could not.

Unlocking Made Simple

For ownership and permission, i did choose the option read and write only. I have to make new excel sheet. Apr 5, 1: Apr 5, 3: How to Grant Permissions in Windows 7 1.

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  • Solutions to open Excel Read Only Documents.
  • Now under Permission section check the rights which you want to grant i. Click Ok for changes to take effect and click ok final ok to exit from Properties window. Unless you used a backup or transferred the User from the old installation Windows Easy Transfer the user is considered "new" and it's SID Security Identified has changed.

    An NTFS partition will detect this change and therefor no longer considers you the owner of the files. Rightclick on the partition, folder or file s and select Properties. Then click on the advanced button and "Change Permissions".

    Add your current user to the list with with "Full control" and inherit these permission to the sub folders. If that doesn't work you can try resetting the permissions via an elevated command prompt: This has to do with security settings on the filesystem.

    File Origin

    You can change this by going to the data directory or files you wish to change and simply add the Win7 user s you want to be able to edit these files without giving Excel too much access to the system run as Administrator. You do this by right-clicking on the directory or file and selecting Properties, then the Security tab. Click on the Edit button and respond to any UAC prompt. Click on Add Click Check Names to verify you haven't made a typo in the entries and if all is okay, click on the OK button.

    Solutions to open Excel Read Only Documents

    Now, with the new user highlighted, select the type of access you wish to allow. These are the XP user accounts and groups that have access to the files as well. Keep clicking on OK buttons to close the dialog boxes accepting the changes. I got error for some files the security permission can't be changed. I have over 1, office files some of them are in ".

    Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice14excel.