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How to restore a Time Machine Backup to a new Mac

DropBox requires proactive intent to make a file or folder available across the sync'd computers and on the web site. As soon as a change is detected in the contents of the Dropbox folder, the sync is started.

On a LAN this sync'ing is almost instantaneous. One excellent use for for DropBox is in gathering together screenshots from multiple computers, using a tool like Jing or Snagit, e.

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Dropbox makes this so easy. Another big difference is that a single Dropbox account allows sync'ing across multiple computers that's the whole point, after all , whereas Mozy is one license per computer. Mozy is not intended for frequent access to the backed-up files.

Best overall online backup: iDrive

It is primarily a system recovery tool. Recovering files is no where near as convenient as with DropBox, but that is OK as it's not something you expect to do often. I've used it for over 2 years now and am pleased enough with it as an off-site backup solution to renew each year. I think some people could consider it an alternative to DropBox because you can access your backed up files via the web. But unlike DropBox, it's not primarily designed for automatically sharing files between desktop computers.

So retrieving a file via the browser takes a few steps. But the fact that all your important files are backed up to MozyHome is great; you don't have to remember to put a file you might want in the DropBox folder. Used it for a year, ended up not liking it. Not comparable to Dropbox or other sync solutions.

It's backup only, runs on a periodic backup schedule, rather than backing up continuously, the UI for selecting which files to back up is highly confusing, and the client app is clunky, runs very slowly, and consumes a lot of system resources. I used Mozy for a while but had some small issues with it. Don't really remember what but i use Jungle Disk now which im happy with. Toggle navigation. Alternatives 66 Comments 8 Reviews 1.

Download MozyHome Backup Software

Alternatives to Mozy for all platforms with any license. Syncplicity The only automated sync, back-up, collaboration and file management service powerful enough for a business user and easy enough for a novice. Arq Arq is super-easy online backup Back up your files automatically, to your own cloud account, with Arq.

OpenDrive OpenDrive is a remote drive for your computer, that allows you to store, sync, share, link, sell, advertise or back up files from your computer on the Internet with free CloudBerry Backup CloudBerry Backup was designed to provide companies and individual users with secure backup solution that works on all major platforms and operating systems including Mozy User Guide.

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Mozy for Mac topics

Mozy Sync. Parent topic: Troubleshooting. Request Assistance. This morning, I logged onto the Mozy web site to check to see if everything backed up ok, and … it was all there!

(Mac) Error When Installing Backup Software

That was it? I know that today my data file will be modified, and tonight at a. I guess I will check it a few times to make sure everything is working ok these next few weeks, but so far, this was truly easy. Mozy encrypts all files before backup so everything stays safe. So, as of right now, Mozy seems like the way to go for off-site backups. By the way, did you know that if your computer dies, all the music you paid for on iTunes is lost?

Yep, it happened to me, and all my iTunes downloads were gone forever.

Dave Smith's Blog

If I had Mozy then, it would have paid for itself just by saving my music. Imagine that….. How many times have you left a Post-It Note on somebody's computer in your office? Wouldn't it be ni.